Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday - Legs day

@08:30 - as mentioned yesterday, I will be doing legs today, instead of push.

I woke up fairly hungry, but had to take care of the chickens and haul in some wood before eating.  By the time I was done I had fairly significant stomach cramps.  Here's to hoping that I improve as the day goes.

@12:30 - two meals down, still nauseous from hunger.

@16:00 - Just consumed meal #4, which was my second carb meal.  Last carb meal will come post workout.
Still feel like crap.  Somewhat nauseous, a bit dizzy, no energy, etc.  Part of that might be due to the weather.
Going to attempt my squat workout now.  If it doesn't work, I will just try some lighter weight general purpose stuff.

@18:00 - Back from workout.  Overall - strength wasn't great, but my energy levels were ok.
Squats - 295x4,275x6,255x6,235x6.
RDLs - 275x7,275x4
GHRs - decent
So:  strength not really up at all, especially on squats.  But I was in a good mood, so I did various carries at the end of the workout.  Farmer's walks, overhead DB carries of various sorts, some lightweight OH squats (65#), etc.

@19:15 - meal #5 was 45 minutes ago.  I now have a headache from hunger.

@22:15 - Yup.  Still friggin starving.  Report to Shelby on Wednesday: "Waah!  I am hungry!!!"

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday - pull day

@17:30 - I am switching to having carb meals for breakfast, pre-workout, and post-workout.  Hopefully that will help my energy levels.

I have also ordered Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) and Geronimo supplements.  ALCAR helps with muscular recovery.  Dosage:  1-2g before every workout/cardio session.  Geronimo is an energy booster.  Dosage:  1/2 - 3 scoops before a workout (depending upon tolerance levels).  These will be added to the Metabotrop, Cognitrop, and Creatine that I am currently consuming.

My workout went decently. Nothing great, but I made it through.  I will be performing my legs day tomorrow, instead of my push day.  My elbow is still twingy, and I'd rather give it the extra rest.  Besides, the leg workout is the one I bombed due to energy levels, so I want to see if I can make it through.  The push workout I died from a lack of strength in my right arm.

2011-01-30 Sunday Checkin [182.75@32.125]

  Meal 1,4,5:  40gP+10gF+20gC
  Meal 2,3,6:  40gP+10gF


Very poorly.  
My pull workout last Monday went well.  
My push workout on Wednesday was horrid.  I had absolutely no strength.  Dumbbell incline press - I couldn't even get the bells up.  Dips - the previous week I was doing my first set with 70# on a belt.  This week I could barely do my reps with bodyweight alone.
Legs on Friday were pretty much a no-go.  I warmed up and got my first set of squats.  I had to stop at that point or I was going to injure myself.  No energy, no focus, and I had extreme trouble with my form.  Oh, and the one set I performed I used the same weight and got fewer reps than the last time (the last time I also had to warm up/start by doing power cleans & front squats for about ten minutes until the rack was free).


Weight:  182.75 (-1.75)
Waist:  32.125 (-0.375)
Arm: 16.0 (no change)
Thigh:  23.125 (no change)
Calf:  14.25 (no change)


I am starting my creatine load this week, so I am anticipating at least a bit of water bloat.

Due to my energy/workout issues I am going to re-shuffle my meal order.  I was having carbs with my first meal and my two post-workout meals.  I am going to change things so I have a carb meal as my pre-workout, which will hopefully help me a bit.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday - wood chopping

@09:00 - Woke up hungry and in a poor mood because of it.  Hopefully my mood will improve as the day progresses.

@14:00 - not doing too badly at the moment.  Sawed a lot of billets, and have consumed all of my carbs.  I might go chop for a bit after a walk.  It depends upon the temperature.

@19:15 - Hungry on and off all day.  Just finished meal #5, and I long for more.  My mood has cycled with my hunger as well.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday - legs

@08:00 - Woke up with stomach cramps.  Not very surprising due to my hunger levels yesterday.

@11:30 - Just ate meal #2.  Want a lot more.  On the upside:  rotisserie chicken breast on the eggy buns makes for a very good sandwich.  65-80g chicken seems like it would be the perfect amount.  Sadly, I want two such sandwiches.  Which would come out to 70g of protein.  Which will be out of my reach for quite a while.

@17:00 - Workout was a no-go.  Warmed up, got my first set of squats, but only hit five reps.  Which is what I got last time after all of the cleans, front squats, and romanians.  And when I got under the bar for my second set, I just couldn't move.  I'll need to talk Shelby about this.  Second workout in a row that I bombed out.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday - off and hungry

@19:45 - No lifting or exercise today.  I have just been very hungry.

For my 4pm meal I accidentally gave myself an extra 20g of protein.  And I have been harboring lustful thoughts of Red Robin, Famous Daves, and protein bars.  I at just over an hour ago, and I am still ravenous.  Complete with burning ears.  Meh.

@22:30 - Going to bed, but still starving.  Hopefully the hunger will abate tomorrow.

Thought for how to proceed after the lean-down is finished:
1.  Keep the diet the same, but add 1 scoop of Surge post-workout
2.  If that goes well, add a scoop of Surge during workouts
3.  Increase fats for non-carb meals
4.  Increase carbs for carb meals (breakfast, pre-workout, post workout)
5.  Add another non-carb meal

Realistically, knowing my body, I should be able to get up to about 300g Protein, 200g Carbs, and 100g Fats if I do it correctly.  I am at 240P,60C,60F right now.
2 scoops Surge will bring me to 265P+110C+60F on lifting days.
Jacking up fat for three non-carb meals will take me to 265P+110C+90F/240P+60C+90F (lifting/non-lifting)
Then add 10gC for each of my carb meals, repeat as necessary.  265P+140C+90F => 265+170+90

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday - Push day & mid-week weigh in

@08:00 - morning weigh in isn't bad
Mass:  183.0 (-1.5)
Waist:  32.25 (-0.25)

If I can continue at this pace, I will hopefully lean out pretty completely by the end of my time with Shelby.  *crosses fingers*

On the workout front:  Last night was the second time that I have done my new pull workout.  And yet again, my traps are sore (in a good way).  My forearms and biceps were screaming yesterday as well.  So, it looks like my routine is working.

Tonight will be push day.

@18:00 - This was probably the worst workout in recent memory.  I had no strength, and couldn't even complete my lifts.  Weights down on everything, but still failed.  Incline press was worse than last week (down in reps), lat raise I at least did OK on (only 25#, but I made it to 3x8).  Dips I did bodyweight only (instead of +75#) and only got 11,8,4.  Flat bench I really sucked on, and I got pinned under 175#.  Overall:  suck.

The only upside is that I was lifting in a tank top, so I got to see nifty cuts and striations in my delts on lateral raises.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday - Pull Day

First lifting day post-tattoo.

I did decently.  My pullups actually went down a bit, but that is because I was doing dead-hangs rather than constant tension.  Dead hangs are hard.  1-hand row & rack pulls went up (although I used straps on the pulls). Seated row was about the same.  I actually added weight on my leg raises by holding a dumbbell between my feet.  Damn I felt those.

Diet-wise:  I have been hungry, but nothing horrible.  No crashes, and very little dizziness (and that only from heavy lifting).  All in all, doing well.

I have decided to postpone starting creatine until Sunday.  I want to see how this week goes before adding the water weight associated with the supplement.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday - who knows?

Yesterday would ordinarily have been a lifting day (pull day, in this case).  Due to tattooness, it was a "sit on new couch in front of fire" day.  Today I might lift, or I might be lazy again.  It depends upon my arm.

@16:15 - No lifting today, my arm is not yet healed.  Tomorrow I will have a Pull day, and begin creatine loading.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011-01-23 - Sunday Checkin [184.5@32.5]


  Meal 1,4,5:  40gP+10gF+20gC
  Meal 2,3,6:  40gP+10gF


Still going well.  I have swapped a few exercises due to either reaching a plateau or discomfort reasons.
Current workouts are as follow:

All are drop sets
Push day:  DB Incline bench press@3x6-8, standing lat raise @3x6-8, dips @3x6-8, flat BB bench press @2xRep until I feel it in my shoulders, calves, hanging knee raise
Pull day:  pullups @3x6-8, 1-hand DB row @3x6-8, rack pull @3x4-6, seated row (palms up) @3x6-8, lying leg lift
Legs day:  squat @3x6-8, RDL @2x4-6, GHR@3x4-6, calves, cable crunch

I took out direct bicep work, as it was making my elbow ache.  The flat bar bench is very light (only using 155#), and I am doing the reps very slowly.  Reason:  my shoulders were aching after the dips, and flat bench helps my recovery.


On Friday I had my tattooing session for about four hours.  After the session I went out to a mexican restaurant.  The tattoo sessions wipe me out, and I have learned in the past that if I do not eat a lot within an hour of a session I pass out, and not in a good way.

Weight:  184.5 (-1.25)
Waist:  32.5 (-0.25)
Arm: -- (did not measure, due to tattoo)
Thigh:  23.125 (-0.25, odd result)
Calf:  14.25 (-0.125)



Even with the post-tattoo meal I am still down 1.25# and 0.25" on my waist since the mid-week checkin on Wednesday.  So I think the new diet is working well.  I'll do a quick checkin again on Wednesday to confirm.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday - off & pain

@08:20 - No exercise today.  Instead, I will be undergoing a long tattooing session.  So I should at least burn through some adrenaline based energy.  Due to the tattoo, I am reserving all of my carbs for the latter half of the day.  I will need the energy to keep up while getting inked.

Hunger this morning was not bad.  Hopefully I will not be ravenous later on.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday - legs

@10:30 - as mentioned yesterday, I have flipped my chest & leg workouts for this week.  Today will be a standard legs day:  Squats, RDLs, GHRs, calves, abs.  I just need to remember to warm up my lower back before squatting so that I don't have issues with falling forward in the hole.

@12:45 - I've been hungry most of the day.  I think I am back to the "hungry within an hour of eating" state.  This will be even more interesting if/when Shelby switches me to carb-cycling or lower calories.
Current calorie count:  240gP+60gC+60gF+10gOils per day =~ 1800 kCal

@17:00 - Workout was a bit more chaotic than I had planned.  The rack was taken up, so instead of squats I started with power cleans & front squats.  45# OH squat, then clean & front squats with 95,115,135,155.  Some of them I also popped onto my back for back squats.  Then I did RDLs, followed by squats.  By the time I got to GHRs I was wiped.  I was also getting very head-spinny, so I called it a day.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday - push day

@09:00 - Today is supposed to be legs day.  However, I am swapping legs and push day this week. Reason:  tattoo session is on Friday, and I would rather not do shoulders/triceps/chest the evening before getting those areas tattooed.

Also, mid-week weigh-in = blah.  No change at all.  Need to poke Shelby and go WTF?

@12:30 - Shelby has altered my diet a bit.  Not yet carb cycling, but that might come next week.  Currently, I am on six meals a day.  40gP+10gF per meal.  I also am supposed to have 10gC per meal, but instead I am doing 20g for meals 1,4,5 (breakfast, two post-workouts), which is when I need them the most.

@16:00 - Workout went pretty well.  Increased slightly on dips & incline press.  Lat raises I did not get quite as many reps (1 or two less), but I was able to isolate my delts more, so that counts.  Bench I did one set with fatgripz and one set plain.

Overall, I felt my pecs and delts much more than I usually do.  Hopefully that means I am focusing properly.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday - off

@07:45 - no lifting today. Hopefully the wind will die down some so that I can chop wood.

I actually feel my upper back today.  Which means that my new back workout seems to be working.

@16:30 - Hunger has been bearable today.  Nothing major.  Wind still annoying.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday - pull

@17:00 - I switched my workout quite a bit today.  The bicep curls were causing elbow pain, so I took them out.  My new routine consists of pullups, single handed rows, rack pulls, and palms-up seated rows (with fat gripz).

The workout itself went pretty well.  Nothing record breaking or all that impressive, but I improved slightly on my pullups & 1-hands from last week.  And replacing bicep curls with rack pulls and seated rows counts as an improvement.

Two more meals to go tonight.

@20:45 - My mood crashed about 45 minutes ago. I do not know if it is from food (or lack thereof), the two hours I spent spazzing in the kitchen (which also meant that one of my meals was inhaled during my 4 minute breaks between cycles of stuff), or just general blah.   The cat constantly yowling at me does not help.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday - push

@14:30 - The workout went decently.  I have switched to an incline dumbbell press for my primary exercise, as the gym does not have a decline bench.  I am also adding in a single set of flat bench press after my dips.  Only 155#, and going for max reps before I start to feel it in my shoulder.

For the dips, I actually needed to put 25# plates on the legs of the dip station.  With 70# around my waist I had sufficient mass that the station was wobbling.

Also, why do old men want to talk with me in the locker room while they are naked?

@22:00 - Hungry on and off throughout the day. Nothing too bad so far.

1/16 - Sunday Checkin - START SHELBY LEANING [185.75@32.75]

CURRENT CARB ROTATION:  none (all meals 40P + 20C + 10F)

Pretty well.  I am still on the push/pull/legs split, with the 6-8 rep drop sets.  I continue to make progress on pretty much everything.
Started the prescribed diet on Friday.
Weight:  185.75
Waist:  32.75
Arm: 16.0
Thigh:  23.375
Calf:  14.375


As stated previously, I am lifting at a small gym now.  The cold weather makes garage lifting kind of difficult.  On a fun note:  I actually had to explain/demonstrate GHRs to the gym owner.  They have a GHR bench, but he thought it was a funky back extension. 

This coming Friday is my next tattoo session.  Therefore, my photos next Sunday will be more colorful, but my arm positioning will be weird again.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday - fencing & wood

@09:00 - Today I will be installing a new gate/fence for the paddock and then spending as much time as I can sawing/chopping wood.

Woke up very hungry.  Just ate, and I continue to be hungry.  Ah, the joys of leaning down.

@16:00 - doing ok, hunger-wise.  Hunger exists, but is not over powering.  Currently the wind is what is overpowering.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday - Legs and digging

@08:00 - Leg day today.  Even though it promises to be warm, I will likely head into the gym to lift today.  I need to head into town to pick a few things up anyways, and this way I can do GHRs.

Digging - I am planning on digging a post-hole today.  GPP FTW

@16:15 - Workout was ok, not great.  My lower back was not feeling great when I started the workout, and I had trouble falling forward in the hole of my squat.  Note to self:  The next time your lower back feels unhappy before squatting, do some hyper-extensions, good mornings, etc. to warm it up nicely.

GHRs, RDLs, & stuff went fine.  Finished off with a few 1-hand snatches for the fun of it.

@22:30 - Kind of crashy this evening.  Nothing major, not worth reporting yet.  We'll see how I do next week.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday - off

@08:30 - Weighed in again this morning, to see if there was something odd with yesterday.  Answer:  Nothing good.  Up another 2# and 1/2" on my waist.  I have no fucking idea how this happened.  Last week I dropped 3/4" and several pounds from Tuesday to Saturday.  Since Saturday, I am UP, both on my waist and my mass.  On less than 2000 calories a day.  *growls*

@11:00 - I am going to stick with my plan for the next week, but add in cardio on my off days.  If things work out, I'll keep going.  But if I don't have good results, I will re-engage Shelby.

@14:30 - If Shelby agrees, I will be re-engaging him starting this coming week.  Goal - getting as lean as possible in the next six weeks.  Honestly, I dislike my physique more now than when I was heavier.  It is harder to lie to myself these days, and I don't like the extra fat I carry on my midsection.  First goal - get lean.  After that I can work on slowly getting more muscular (with an emphasis on my shoulders).

@15:00 - Good to go with Shelby.  I will be keeping the same workout for the most part (tweaking a few exercises on my own), no cardio at the moment, and the diet is really simple.  Six meals a day, 40gP+20gC+10gF per meal.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday - Pull Day

@08:15 - Morning weigh-in = not good.  Of the 3.25# and 0.75" I had lost, 2# and 0.5" returned.  This means: no more snacking or cheating.  Although I am breaking my meals up so I will have six meals a day, rather than just five.  I think my downfall was that I was getting hungry and did not have a sufficient quantity of feedings.  I'll see how things go this week.  Hopefully by Sunday I will at least be back to where I was, if not a bit leaner.

@18:30 - Workout went decently.  Nothing really great.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday - off

@08:15 - Must stretch today.  My legs are really tight.  I guess the GHRs & squats did their job on Sunday.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday - Push day

@08:00 - Probably going to the gym today, as it will continue to be cold.  I will have to switch to either flat or incline bench (probably flat), as the gym does not have a good decline bench setup.

@15:30 - off to the gym in about an hour.
Hunger levels doing ok today.  I was quite hungry before the meal I just consumed, but the supplements let me continue without crashing.

@18:15 - Workout sucked.  Flat bench is not my friend.  No more flat barbell benching for me.  Declines are fine, floor press is good.  Dumbbells work.  Incline bar I am not sure about yet.  But 86 the flat bar bench.

Crashed out on the drive home.  Still have not recovered.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday - Legs

@10:00 - well, it is snowing.  Therefore I will be heading into the gym to lift.  Short workout, just squats, RDLs, ham curls, and then some calves & abs.  This will happen later today, after I chop wood.

@18:30 - Lifted at the gym today.  Squats went ok.  Slightly better than last week (more weight).  RDLs went well. Higher weight than last week, and I was able to check my form in the mirror.  It is all better now.  Instead of hamstring curls, I did GHRs (yay gym with GHR bench!).  Bodyweight x 5,4,6.  Each set lasted until I felt my hams start to cramp a bit.  *grin*  They were actually fun.

After lifting I chatted with a guy in the locker room for a while.   Then we went to Famous Dave's for nommy goodness.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

01/08 - Saturday Check-in

@9:45 - Moving check-in day to Saturday.  Primarily so that we can occasionally go out to eat on Saturday night if we want to (and if our weigh-ins go well)

The measurement differences are from Tuesday until now

Weight:  185.75 (-3.25)
Waist:  32.5 (-0.75)
Arm: 15.875 (-0.125)
Thigh:  23.375 (no change)
Calf:  14.5(no change)

Workouts have gone decently.  I have made it through one of each session on the current diet.  Improved over the previous performance in pretty much everything.

No cardio currently.  I am saving it for when my fat loss slows down.

I have started taking Cognitrop and Metabatrop (leftovers from Wendi's diet).  I'm just doing a half dose of Cognitrop and one dose of Metabotrop around 11:00am, and it seems to be helping a great deal.  Tuesday and Wednesday I did not take the supplements, and I started dragging badly in the evening.  Mood crash, energy levels shot, etc.  Thursday and Friday I had the supplements and both days went much better.

Overall, my progress on this diet is promising.  The leanest I was at the end of the previous diet cycle was 31.375" waist at 178.5#.  So I need to drop 1.125" to get back there.  If all goes well, that should only take another 2-3 weeks.  And if that is the case, I might go even leaner (actually get my abs in).  If so, I will then slowly start ramping up until I reach maintenance.  At which point I will re-engage Shelby.

@15:30 - three meals remaining.  Just about to have one.  Feeling pretty good overall.

@18:30 - I neglected to take the supplements today, and I am paying for it.  Meh.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday - Pull

@08:15 - Nothing really to report.  I feel better now than I did the past couple of mornings, so hopefully I am adjusting to the diet.

@09:30 - Hungry to the point of physical pain.  Ah, so much fun.  Hopefully Sunday's weigh-in will show good results.

@17:30 - workout went ok.  Beat last week by a hair's breadth.  But still, I had some improvement.  Little crashy, but nothing too bad.

@21:00 - So far, so good with the single dose of pills at around 11:00.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday - Push

@08:30 - woke up, did chores, ate a large (volume-wise) breakfast.  Feel pretty good right now.  Before my next meal I will try Wendi's left over Metabotrop (thermogenic) and Cognitrop (recovery/mental focus)

@19:30 - The single shot of stimulants at 11:00 did the job.  I was hungry, but still energetic throughout the day.
The workout went pretty well.  Increased weight or reps on everything.  Go me.
Then, of course, I had a ton of turkey & mashed potatoes.  Yummmmm

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday - off

@07:30 - Last night I crashed mildly for a while.  Mostly due to not being used to hunger.  Added some sugar-free pudding and Machete, and I perked back up.

Today is an off day.  I am not going to add in cardio until my fat loss halts.  Hopefully I will be able to hold off on it for a couple of weeks at least.

@14:20 - I've been hungry, tired, and kind of "meh" most of the day.  Ah, the beginning of a diet.  So much fun.

@18:45 - Yup, still hungry.  Although I remember now what I had forgotten earlier:  I have not taken any stimulants/fat burners/etc .  Tomorrow I will remedy this oversight.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday - legs

@12:00 - so far, so good on the new diet.  Dropping the fats has not seemed to affect me negatively at all.  The real test will be lifting without peri-workout shakes.

@17:00 - made it through the workout, barely.  Not much energy today.  Which is not surprising, as I am down over 1000 calories today in comparison to the last time I did this workout.

@20:45 - around 18:30 I started getting very hungry.  Ate my final meal around 19:00.  And ever since 19:30, I have been progressively hungrier and less cheery.  Ah, the first day on a diet.  So much fun.

START LEAN DOWN: Tuesday - 1/4

Weight:  189.0
Waist:  33.25
Arm:  16.0
Thigh:  23.375
Calf:  14.5

So, I have decided that I need to lean back down again prior to continuing mass gaining.  My fat to muscle gain ratio has been far from acceptable, and getting lean again will make increases easier to judge.  After I lean down, I will start up with Shelby again.

If all goes well, it should take me about a month to shed down to where I was at the end of the previous leaning cycle (178.5#, 31.375" waist).  Depending upon how I feel, I might go beyond that and see if I can find my abs *grin*.

Beginning diet:

high days (days that I lift):  Meals 1-4:  50gP + 40gC.  Meal 5:  50gP + 20gF
low days (cardio days):  Meal 1:  50gP + 40gC.  Meals 2-5:  50gP + 20gF

This will cause about a 10,000 calorie/week decrease over what I have been consuming (six meals a day, 50gP+40gC+20gF).  General decrease over a week:  350gP, 920gC, 460F

Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday - pull day

First workout post-tattoo:  Did decently, feel good.

I am going to be taking a break from working with Shelby.  Lean back down, then re-engage him.  Neither of us are very happy with my current results.

01/02 - Sunday Check in



Quite well.  Aside from Romanians (more on that later), I was up in weight or reps on everything.  Some of the exercises I went up in weight on my reps dropped a bit, but that was to be expected.

Romanians:  I dropped my weight drastically to concentrate on form.  The video is linked below.


Friday was my first tattooing session.  You will see the results in the photos.

On Friday, I did not eat enough during the tattoo session (I was down three meals).  Afterwards, due to the adrenaline surge and subsequent crash, I went to Waffle House and had grilled chicken breasts, eggs, hashbrowns (just grilled potatoes), and a waffle (I was about ready to pass out, so I opted for the quick carbs).  
Saturday I was dragged out most of the day, so I skipped my eggs meal (too tired to eat, slept instead).

Weight:  188.25 (+1.75)
Waist:  33.0 (+0.375)
Arm: did not measure, due to fresh tattoo
Thigh:  23.375 (no change)
Calf:  14.5 (no change)


Yes, my right arm is not hanging straight.  My arm is still not fully recovered from the tattoo

VIDEOS:  RDL, take 2:

I seem to be responding very unusually/poorly to the diet for some reason.  On October 3rd, I had precisely the same measurements (waist, arm, thigh, calf), and I was 187.0.  So I am only up 1.25# since then, which was about four weeks before I ended my fat loss cycle.  After the initial "lose the water weight from the cheat week" of this gaining cycle, I am up 9.5#, 1.25" on my waist, 0.125" on my arm (as of last week), 0.375" on my thigh, and 0.125" on my calf.

Due to my abysmal results, I was wondering if you think it would be worthwhile for me to spend a while leaning back down, and then start up again with you.  Basically:  1) reset to where I was at the end of my previous leaning cycle (or possibly a bit leaner); 2) find my new maintenance level; 3) restart working with you so we can try to experiment with a different diet/cardio cycle.  

Wendi has been very unmotivated in regards to both the diet and lifting routine recently.  Again, mostly due to not responding as expected.  

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/1 - off

Today is definitely a "be lazy" day.  My arm is rather sore and uncomfortable.  Perhaps I will be able to lift tomorrow.  If not, Monday.

@17:45 - I have been rather crashy most of the day.  Just got up from about a ninety minute nap.  I feel better now.

No, the crash is not due to the diet.  It is due to the 5 hours of tattooing from last night and subsequent recovery.

@22:45 - yeah, still feel kind of crappy.  weigh in will be interesting