Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011-07-31 Check in [187.0 @ 33.0]

2011-07-31 Sunday - Check in

Mass:  187.0 (-1.5)
Waist:  33.0 (-0.25)
arm:  15.75 (--)
thigh:  23.5 (--)
calf:  14.75 (--)

No appreciable change since Wednesday.  Subjectively, my shoulders and arms are looking better, but there is no real way to track that.  And seeing how my primary goal at the moment is to reduce my waist/lose fat, I am a bit irritated.  Ah well.  I have been on Indigo for 10 days, and some people require a couple of weeks for it to take full effect.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

2011-07-24 Check In (188.5 @ 33.25)

2011-07-24 WEEKLY WEIGH IN
(since Sunday) [Since Thursday]

mass:  188.5 (+4.25) [+0.25]
waist:  33.25 (+0.675) [+0.125]
arm:  15.75 (--)
thigh:  23.5 (--)
calf:  14.75 (+0.25)

The minor mass & waist gain since Thursday I am discounting.  It is likely water weight due to creatine loading.  This week will be the true test for how Indigo & Thib's workouts affect me.

The gain prior to that is due to my incision.  I did not exercise at all, and my diet was way off (overate a LOT).  The diet was because I heal much faster if I overeat.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

2011-07-21 - Indigo Begins

T-nation log (where I will keep most updates):

Mass:  188.25 (+3.0)
Waist:  33.125 (+0.5)

I am attributing the mass gain primarily to bloat.  Due to my surgery that happened on Monday, my diet has kind of sucked, and I have not been able to exercise at all.

In addition to Indigo & the peri-workout Surge Workout Fuel/Mag10/Anaconda, my supplement regimen is as follows:
Morning (with Indigo dose #1):  1.25g ALCAR, 1.25g L-Tyrosine, 1.25g Chochamine, 200mg caffeine, 2.5g creatine, 2.5g beta-alanine
30 minutes pre-workout:  2.5g ALCAR, 1.25g L-Tyrosine, TrueProtein's Geraniamo (if I need an energy boost)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Indigo experiment

I broke down and have acquired Indigo 3-G (, not available in the store, have to call directly).  I will be keeping a very detailed log of my experience.  Workouts, food intake, how I feel mentally & physically, and weekly measurements with progress photos.  Kind of like how I was under Shelby Starnes (still the best fat-loss coach there is).

I ordered a six-week supply (the max I could get), which should be here in a couple of days.  I will begin the supplement on Monday, which will take me until the week of D*Con.  Based upon the results other people have been posting about it, I fully expect Indigo to help me shred fat while possibly gaining some muscle, and also permitting my nutrient intake (especially carbohydrates) to increase.

Now, my sole goal over the next 6 weeks is fat loss.  I want my waist to shrink as much as possible so that my abs are apparent.  Due to the nutrient repartitioning effects of Indigo, many people are noting a work-capacity increase.  Which is something I am in dire need of.

With that in mind, my proposed routine changes are as follows:
1.  Indigo
2.  Add in my Mag10 analogue during lifting
3.  Start PLP again.  Beginning at 10 reps, this should take me up to about 50 reps by the end of the six weeks
4.  Try to push through my entire workout on deadlift/shoulder days.  Squat/chest/back days I seem to be fine on.
5.  Add in cardio as needbe.

My basic diet at the moment is:
non-lifting days:  180gP + 75gF + 60gC (~35gP per meal, 30gC on my two carb meals, 25gF on my non-carb meals)
lifting days:  200gP + 40gF + 150gC (35gP per meal, 30gC in carb meals, 20gF in non carbs.  Workout shake is about 20gP + 60gC)

Now, depending upon how things go with Indigo, I might ramp my carbs up.  Which would be awesome.  Adding in MORE food while losing inches is a dream state.  Kind of like gaining mass while losing inches.

My food/supplement/workout timing will follow the basic template below:
7:00am - Indigo dose #1, green tea extract, caffeine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine, Chochamine (I take all of that aside from the Indigo already)
7:15am - take dog on walk (usually about a mile)
7:30am - PLP
8:00am - Meal #1 (contains carbs)
11:00am - Meal #2 (no carbs), vitamins, fish oil (7.5g)
2:00pm - Meal #3 (carbs)
3:00pm - Indigo dose #2
3:30pm - Geraniamo, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine
4:00pm - Workout + shake (Surge Workout Fuel, my Mag10 analogue)
5:30pm - Indigo dose #3
6:30pm - Meal #4 (carbs)
8:30pm - Meal #5 (no carbs)

No workout shake, and meal #3 will not be carby.

so, 5 meals per day, rather than my usual 6.  I have been experiencing issues getting all six meals in a day.  Plus, the five meal set up works better with Indigo dosing.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday - 5-star squat & Chest/back

first off:  new lifting platform is awesome.  yay.

Workout was bloody brutal.
Squats - four rounds of triples
1.  Single wave (7/5/3) for bench & vgrip row
2.  3 sets of bodyweight dips & pullups
I had no juice left for anything else.


5-star body-building

Mix of 5-star complexes (legs) and bodybuilding (upper body)

Day 1:  squat + chest/back
Day 2:  shoulders/arms + deadlift
Day 4:  chest/back + squat
Day 5:  deadlift + shoulders/arms

SQUAT - ramp up with front squat
1. top-half squat x3-5
2. front squat x3-5
3. speed squat x5 @50% max (~185#)
4. DB jump squat x8-10 @15% bodyweight (~25#)
5. vertical jump x8-10 

A1. Flat-bench wave (7/5/3)
A2. V-grip row wave (7/5/3)
B1. dips @ 3x8-10
B2. pullups @ 3x6-8

1. rack pull x3-5
2. deadlift x3-5
3. hang power clean x2-3
4. DB swing x8-10
@20% bodyweight (~35#)
5. broad jump x8-10

A1. OHP Wave
A2. Swiss Crunch @ 3x10-12
B1. seated DB OH (1.5 rep) @ 3x6-8
B2. BB Curl @ 3x8-10
C1. Tricep Pushdown @ 3x8-10
C2. Leg raise @ 3x10-12

week 1
  5-stars:  4 rounds of triples
  waves:  one wave
  others:  lower end of given reps (3xN)
week 2:  4x4, one wave (+ weight), higher end of range
week 3:  5x3, two waves, higher weight (bottom of range)
week 4:  5x4, two waves, higher end of range
week 5:  6x3, three waves, higher weight (bottom of range)
week 6:  6x4, three waves (+ weight), higher end of range
week 7:  6x5, three waves, higher weight

Saturday, July 9, 2011

2011-07-09 checkin [186.5 @ 33.0]

Mass:  186.5 (-4.0)
Waist:  33.0 (-0.25)
Arm:  15.75 (--)
Thigh:  23.5 (--)
Calf:  14.5 (--)

My waist needs to drop faster, but it should go down smoothly (I hope).  Currently 8# and 1.625" away from my leanest.  Which comes out to just about 5# per inch.  If that is my actual ratio, and I can drop 2#/week, I will be able to drop about 15# over the next 7.5 weeks, which would translate into about 3".  Giving me a 30" waist at around 170#.  Which is what I have previously estimated I need to do.  So, my goal is attainable, but will be difficult.

On the upside, the loss is from Tuesday (yay dropping bloat).

Weekly loss goals:  0.375" - 0.5" off of my waist each week, which is about 2-2.5# (going by my above ratio)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday - no lifting

Post-mole removal, I cannot lift.  If I feel up to it, I will do some cardio later today.

My traps are pretty sore from yesterday, but that is not surprising.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday - Wave-load deads

Lifted in the morning today, as I have a doctor appointment this afternoon to remove a mole (no lifting after that).

My rotation is going to be:  deads, bench, off, squats, military press, off, off.  This way, I will not get fragged from the squats/OHP and then have to lift again two days later.  Deads & bench days don't cause as much cumulative fatigue.

Anyhow, lifting went well.  Made it through nearly everything, no real issues.  The only thing that I did not get all the way through was hamstring curls.  My biceps femoris apparently cramp easily from them.

2011-07-05 Restart Diet [33.25 @ 190.5]

So, the past week and a half killed my progress.  I should be around 180# and <32", but I rebounded a lot.  I have eight weeks until Con, so I get to kick my ass a lot.  About 20# to lose in eight weeks, so about 2.5# per week.  Very tough, but I should be able to handle it.