Saturday, April 30, 2011


Damn, my lower back got racked up later in the evening yesterday.  Then again, I felt like crap most of the afternoon.  Went to bed at 8pm.

Pretty much any position I was in hurt.  I eventually nodded off (and woke up due to cat-ness).  This morning, I was still sore.  Got my lower back to crack a bit, had a cookie, and feel much better.  Now I am just mildly sore (DOMS), rather than "ow fuck this hurts"

Friday, April 29, 2011


Found my working weight on rack pulls, deadlifts, and power cleans.
Note to self:  warm up lower back & glutes before deadlift cycles.  Stretching, mobility, light RDLs/GMs, etc.  Lower back is upset with me at the moment.

My working weights on everything are rather low.  Two reasons:  1) I will be doing high-speed circuits; 2) I'd rather low-ball my estimates and then kick them up as needbe.  I will be hitting each circuit series (deadlift, benchpress, squat, overhead press) twice per week.  So I will be getting in a lot of total volume, and fatigue will probably accumulate rapidly.

On Monday & Tuesday I will probably do a run through of everything to see how it feels, and tweak things if necessary.  That way I will have a baseline before starting the program in full.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday - jogging & stuff

Went for a jog for the first time in months.  Two mile walk/jog/run (home -> end of road -> other end of road -> home).  Useful thing about a road that is exactly 1 mile from end to end.  *grin*  Taking out the time to walk to the street & stretch a little, it took me just about 25 minutes.  Obviously, I need to add distance (another mile) and increase speed (maximum 30 minutes for all 3 miles).  But still, not horrid for my first outing.

Later today I will lift.  Probably find my 5RM for rack pulls, deadlifts, top-half shoulder press, and military press.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday - restart diet, lots of cardio, & Maxes vs. bodyweight

After the past week of no diet or exercise (including a lot of restaurant meals or gluttony), I am going on a hard-core diet & exercise routine for the next week or so.  My plan over the next eight days is:
1.  do two cardio sessions per day - fasted steady state in the morning, and interval sprints in the evening
2.  lift at least two days out of three - No set plan, but I will probably do something silly like work up to 5-rep maxes in lots of things.  Which would be useful so I can do CT's star complexes without a lot of dialing in [I need to hit 3-5 reps of certain exercises, which to me implies a 5-rep max]
3.  diet:  ~25gP + 10gF per meal.  Pre & Post workout have about 20-25g of carbs.  Six meals per day [~150gP + 60gF + 50gC].  Including incidental calories, that will give me about 1500 kCal/day.

Things I need to find my maxes in:

5-rep max
1.  Rack lockouts
2.  bench press
3.  top half squat
4.  front squat
5.  rack pulls
6.  deadlift
7.  seated top-half overhead press
8.  military press

3-rep max
1.  power clean (from hang)
2.  push press
At a bodyweight of about 180#, my maxes are as follow
Military press - 135# (0.75x bodyweight)
Bench - 225# (1.25x)
Squat - 315# (1.75x)
Deadlift - 415# (just over 2.25x)
I am really weak.  But the correlation is amusing.

I want to up the numbers to at least
military ~ 1.0x (~200#)
bench ~ 1.75x (~300#)
squat ~ 2.25x (~400#)
deadlift ~ 2.75x (~500#)

granted, those numbers will shift a bit if I gain mass (which I should).  But 200/300/400/500 would be a nice set of numbers to put up/

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I did my PLP yesterday.  got 22 reps of neutral-grip pullups.  New record!  I did not do any other exercise, as I had to get Bryan's kilt finished & shipped off.

Today I will probably have time for PLP, but nothing more.  Megan comes into town.  So diet/exercise the next few days will be very spotty.  Once things settle down, I will try out CT's new Five Star Complex workout.  It seems really well put together, and has the four-day split from 5/3/1 that I like.

Also, I am down about 1# from Sunday.  So it looks like my current diet is just about perfect.  So I'll keep it up for when I get back to dieting.

Monday, April 18, 2011

monday - heavy & PLP 30

PLP - did 20/10 today.  Will be using Geraniamo before lifting today.

Will probably do CT's new Star Complex thing after S&W.  Seems fun, but I'll need to build a sled.


Did not do my planned workout.  Got the bar on my back, and it just felt horrendously heavy.  Instead, I played.
Squats with 185#, front squats at 135#, jump squats with 20# dumbbell, long jumps (8' per jump), box jumps (went up to 32".  Need to make a higher box), plyo pushups (off the bench), and flat bench press.

On the bench front - hooray for CT!  His trick up shrugging shoulders up (instead of the 'back & down' of powerlifters), combined with the FatGripz, let me bench without shoulder pain.  I was able to work up to a 225# single.  I might have been able to go a few pounds heavier if I did not max out on declines on Sunday, but oh well.

I have figured out where I am in relative strength terms.  Basing my bodyweight on 180# (where I will be again soon):
Bench = 1.25 x BW (~225#)
Squat = 1.75 (~315#)
Dead = 2.25 (~405#)

Not very impressive, but at least better than I thought.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011-04-17 Sunday Checkin [187.5@33.0]

Weigh in sucked.

Diet - reducing
Cardio - increasing

I estimate that I need be around 170# or a bit less for my abs.  So call it 20# total loss from current.
Goal is abs by September 1st.  So that gives me around 19 weeks.  Inside of that time frame:  Megan coming this week (several meals out, including Rodizo's), then Sheep & Wool (Marrakesh & almost everything else), then my parents for a weekend.  So I will have to play damage recovery several times.  Bad food + not enough exercise (if any) will probably lead to at least 10# of unwanted gains.  So if I can average about 1.5# loss per week on my non-fucked weeks I should be on track

The week after Megan (before S&W) I will have to kick my ass with workouts.  If I can, I will do two-a-days, every single day.  Plus cardio.  Might as well burn myself down so that the junk food doesn't hurt me too badly.


Well, that was pathetic.  Regular workout was a no-go, as my knee is still unhappy.  Instead, I maxed out in decline bench and chinups.  I wanted to do push-press as well, but was unable to do so.
Decline bench press - 265#
Chinup - 100#

Seriously, that's all?  I am incredibly fucking weak.

Saturday - PLP 30

Did 30 reps of PLP (15/10/5).  Which sucked.  Did it in the gym, so regular pullups & jump lunges.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday - medium & PLP 27

@11:45 - just did my PLP.  Sets were 15/10/2.  I need to work on my endurance for the pullups.  Ah well.  Still, going Max/max/finish seems like it is a good strategy.

Medium (8-10 reps) today.  Hopefully I'll actually finish the workout for once. *wry grin*  Although I need to figure out something to replace the high pulls.  Perhaps straight-arm pulldowns.

@17:00 - I only did incline db press, 1-hand row, and floor press.  My knee hurts, so I skipped the lower body motions.

Thursday - off & PLP 26

Did PLP in the evening, with 13/13.  I seem to be approaching my limit on pullups (especially with lotion covered hands).  I might have to start breaking into three sets.  Go for max reps each time, and then finish off in a third set.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday - Light & PLP 25

@19:30 - Got through most of the workout.  Last set of DB bench & curls I dropped, due to elbow & shoulder issues.
PLP was ok.

Did a 1.5 mile with the jog about an hour after my workout.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday - Heavy & PLP 24

@18:30 - So, woke up at 05:00 this morning.  Wayyy too early.

Was dragging a bit pre-workout, so I took a triple shot of Geraniamo.  Workout went pretty well.  Squats were tough, and I did not have a massive improvement.  Everything else went well.  Decline bench and D-rows were exceptional.  I actually went up an extra 5# on my last set of each.  Next week I will have to go up more.

I have not done my PLP yet.  I will do it later this evening.

@20:15 - just did PLP.  Rather a bit more difficult doing it two hours after lifting, as compared to in the morning.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday - PLP 23. Possibly lift?

@10:00 - did my PLP as 12/11.  Felt ok, nothing really to mention.  I might lift this evening after Wendi gets home, or I might put it off until tomorrow (T-W, F-Sat).  We'll see how I feel.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday - just cardio

Just did some cardio today.  Steady state, level 10, hit just over 400 calories.  Tomorrow I shall attempt PLP and lifting.

2011-04-10 Sunday Check in [191.5@33.0]

Weight:  191.5 (+2.5)
Waist:  33.0 (+0.125)
Arm: -- (did not measure, due to tattoo)
Thigh:  23.675 (+0.125)
Calf:  14.675 (

Kind of crappy, especially yesterday.  Muffins, cookies, subway, etc.


TBT week 2 - went ok overall.  Did not do my speed workout, as it was tattoo day.

Monday - great.

Tuesday - eh
Thursday - eh

1.  dropping food a bit

2.  staying on track with workout
3.  PLP continues...
4.  Cardio on off days, perhaps?
5.  Abs.  Do them.


Only good point about being back at 33.0":  comparing my mass to the previous times I was at this size
2010-10-10:  186.0# 

2011-01-02:  188.25# (+2.25)
2011-04-10:  191.5# (+3.25, total +5.5)

So I have the same waist measurement, but I am heavier.  This is a very good thing in my view.  I still am going to lean out slowly for a while, as 33" is my absolute upper limit on waist size.  But still, 4.5# heavier at the same waist size = good.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday - Speed, PLP 22, tattoo

PLP went fine this morning.  This afternoon at some point I will be doing my speed workout.  And this evening, I have my next tattoo session.  Which means that I will be out of commission for a few days.  Also that I will have a cheat meal tonight post-tattoo (probably Perkins).

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday - Medium & PLP 21

@09:30 - PLP was 11/10 this morning.  Lifting today is medium day, with the goal of actually finishing the workout (unlike last week).

Nothing major, slightly hungry at the moment.

Lifted very late (started after 17:30).  I changed things up a bit.
1.  TP deadlift I am now using the high handles.  I am able to concentrate more on my hamstrings this way.  With the low handles it becomes more of a squat/good morning, so a lot more quads & lower back
2.  I shifted front squats to the end of the workout, so I would have juice for the other stuff
3.  I am going to drop high-pulls.  They fuck with my shoulders too much.

I had to stop after my first set of high pulls, which means I did not get my front squats in.  Oh well.  I had a fairly decent session up until that point.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Off & PLP 20

Mid-week weigh in:  190.5#, 33.0"
It seems like any mass I gain just goes directly to my waist.  *sigh*

PLP comes in a while.  Too long before breakfast, and now I am catching up on stuff.

@10:30 - PLP went ok.  Nothing major.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday - Light & PLP 19

@08:45 - woke up, had about a 45 minute delay before getting to PLP and then breakfast (watched puppy while Wendi exercised).  Did the PLP as 10/9.  Slightly tired during the second set of pullups, but the delay before exercising is probably to blame.  Well, that, and yesterday's workout.

@16:30 - lifting was eh.  Nothing exciting.  Just got through it.

Monday, April 4, 2011

monday - Heavy & PLP 18

@08:30 - Morning routine is going to be a bit wonky for quite a while, due to the puppy.  However, I was able to get my PLP in before breakfast.  Broke it up into 10 & 8.  My general plan is to keep things as two sets, as evenly balanced as I can.  I should hopefully be able to get up to at least 15/15 before I need to break into three sets.  Which should take me a couple of weeks, as my tattoo will stop my progress for a few days.

This evening is my heavy day.  If it is nice enough out, I will just toss Leika into the enclosed dog run while I lift.  If not, I will have to clean up part of the gym for her.

@17:00 - Workout went much better than expected.  I went in feeling like shite.  Depressed, low on energy, no motivation.  But once I got the bar loaded up and on my back, everything fell away.  I beat last Monday in every respect.  More weight and/or reps on each exercise, quicker overall workout (less rest required), and I was able to concentrate on the target muscles more.  So, today's session firmly goes in the "win" category.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011-04-03 Sunday Check in [189.0@32.875] + PLP17

Weight:  189.0 (+0.25)
Waist:  32.875 (+0.125)
Arm: 15.75 (no change)
Thigh:  23.5 (no change)
Calf:  14.5 (no change)

Went with the "hungry, eating again" plan.  Nothing structured.  This coming week, I will be adhering to my written diet, aside from possibly Friday night, post-tattoo.  See how I do.


TBT-ish week 1.


Good at the start of the week, tapered off a bit at the end.  

1.  stay on structured diet, see how it goes
2.  TBT week 2

Who knows, provided I don't crash badly I might lean out a bit on this plan.  Which would not be a bad thing.

PLP 17 - did 10 rep cycle, then 7 reps

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday - Off & PLP 16

No lifting today, but gardening results in lots of GPP.
PLP, I got all 16 reps non-stop.  Go me.

I am planning on sticking to my diet as much as possible next week, aside from a possible post-tattoo meal.  If I can control my crashes (or just limit them to bed-time), I might just work on slowly leaning out over the next few weeks.  My food intake is high enough that I have a lot of room to cut it down.  I'll see how things go.  Who knows, my current meal plan might result in me losing a bit anyways.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday - speed day & PLP 15

@8:15 - Gained 1.5# back since Wednesday (did not measure waist).  I am perfectly fine with that.

PLP - got all 15 reps straight through.  Yay me.

@18:30 - workout went ok.  Need to work on my speed/endurance, but I am not too displeased with my performance.