Sunday, August 28, 2011

2011-08-28 [190.75 @ 33.125]

Mass: 190.75 (+0.75)
Waist: 33.125 (+0.25)
Arm: 16.0 (+0.125)
Thigh: 24.0 (+0.25)
Calf: 14.75 (--)

Not up much today. The waist gain I am attributing to bloat from last night (had Mexican food). So that should go down a bit.

I am going to be conservative with my food intake this week, as I am going on a trip from Wednesday until next Monday. My food intake will be sporadic (and not very healthy), and my ability to exercise will be very limited. I will also be shifting to 6 tabs of Indigo a day while gone, as my supply is running low. I should have enough to last me until next Wednesday, when I will hopefully have more Indigo delivered.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

2011-08-21 Check In [190.0 @ 32.875]

Mass:  190.0 (+1.25)
waist:  32.875 (+0.125)
arm:  15.875 (--)
thigh:  23.75 (--)
calf:  14.75 (+0.25)

Considering I skipped half of a lifting session, barely did any cardio/conditioning, and had a crappy diet (ate out a couple of times), I am not displeased by my results.  I need to buckle down on my food intake, actually do my cario & abs, and probably eat a bit more.

I know that it will not happen, but if I am able to continue gaining an average of 2# per week while adding 1/8" to my waist (or less), then by the end of my Indigo run I will be around 205# with about a 34" waist.  The last time I was that heavy, my waist was nearly 37".

Sunday, August 14, 2011

2011-08-14 Check in [187.75 @ 32.75]

Mass: 187.75 (+2.75)
Waist: 32.75 (+0.125)
Arm: 15.875 (--)
Thigh: 23.75 (+0.25)
Calf: 14.5 (-0.25)

So far, so good. Since last Saturday, I am up 2.75#, but only 1/8" of an inch on my waist. Considering I have nearly doubled my carb intake as of Wednesday, that is very encouraging. The calf difference I do not understand, but my calf tends to bounce between 14.5" - 14.75" randomly.

My meal frequency has decreased. With how much more I am eating, I do not desire food as often as before, and I occasionally realize that it is nearly time for sleep and I still have another meal to eat. I am currently eating five times a day, plus peri-workout nutrition. Depending on how things go, I might switch to a 4 meal plan, and just increase amounts for each.

Also, I am really enjoying the new hypertrophy routine CT has me on. The workouts are not as lengthy as the fat loss routine, and I find that the total-body start (bench/squat/ohp/deadlift) combined with bodypart focus is ideal for my mindset. I have always disliked pure bodypart focus, but I have never found a full-body routine that I can do every day without burning out. The moderate amount of sub-maximal total-body lifts seems to be perfect.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

2011-08-06 Check in [185.0 @ 32.675]

Mass: 185.0 (-2.0)
Waist: 32.675 (-0.375)
Arm: 15.875 (+0.125)
Thigh: 23.5 (--)
Calf: 14.75 (--)

I have been on Indigo for 16 days at this point.

I am not displeased with my progress this week. I had hoped to be about 175# with a 31" waist at the moment. I was on track for that in mid-July, but the large excision I had on my ribs severely impacted my progress. Oh well, I'll take what I can get.

I had more carbs (and food in general) this week than last week. Even though I am dieting, I had a couple of meals out (a friend was in town). And I consumed more overall. I also skipped my OHP workout this week so that my delts would heal. The only addition I have is that I am doing conditioning every morning, alternating Abs Shredder sprints with steady state on the exercise bike.

Based upon my progress, I am going to increase my carbs more this week. My peri-workout nutrition will stay the same for now, I am going to add in more carbs at other meals.