Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday - aborted deadlifts

Meh.  Got through my first two sets and then called it.  No energy, no strength, no drive.  I probably could have forced my way through the workout, but I don't care enough right now.

Going to do cardio instead.

Wednesday - Shoulders

My shoulder/tricep routine seemed to work fairly well.  My delts were burning by the time I was finished with my DB pressing.  The 1-hand arnolds and lateral raises wear brutal.  So, a win overall.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


06/26 to 07/10 (three weeks):  Wave-loading Bodybuilding split

07/17 to 08/21 (six weeks):  5-star modified
Day 1:  5-star squat + chest/back
Day 2:  shoulders/arms + 5-star deadlift
Day 4:  chest/back + 5-star squat
Day 5:  5-star deadlift + shoulders/arms

The reason for mixing in the bodybuilding upper body:
1)  the 5-star chest routine was not working for me
2)  I won't gain any muscle, but this should help me prep for Josh's workouts
3)  I prefer it
4)  the squats & deads should kick my pulse up high enough

The actual exercises for the upper body I have not planned out yet, but I am thinking of something along the lines of either 5/3/1 or wave loading for the pressing.  For the pulls I would just do ramping sets.  Exercises done in an alternating fashion to increase speed/energy expenditure.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday - 1.5 miles @ 10:42

Short run today, just 1.5 miles (to the end of the road & back).  Clocked in at 10:42.  Not too shabby.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday - Squats & Abs

It was actually nice outside (read:  no blazing hot), and I did not have any work to do, so I decided to lift in the late morning (11:30am-ish).

Squats went fairly well.  I have not done wide-stance squats in a long time, so I went fairly light on them.  But they felt fine, aside from some tightness in the front of my hips when I was in the hole.

Front squats were done with no lockout.  Not really difficult, so I need to ratchet them up next week.

I skipped jump squats & hang crunches.  Just got worn down.  Ah well

Sunday - Chest & Back

Workout went fairly well.  I had a significant strength drop-off, but that is common for me.  The only change was that I did straight reps for decline bench, and changed the incline press-to-fly to 1.5 rep incline press (neutral grip).

This cycle I am doing stimulant/supplement free (aside from protein shakes).  I am also going to be sticking to my diet as much as possible, aside from this coming weekend (parents in town).

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday - Bodybuilding cycle

I have gotten somewhat burnt out on 5-star stuff.  So for the next 3-4 weeks, I will do a higher-volume bodybuilding cycle.  I have about 9.5 weeks until D*con.  So if I do a cycle of BB, I will be able to go back to 5-star for 5-6 weeks.

Plan for this week (if I can stick to it):
1.  every day:  pre-breakfast cardio (just on the bike)
2.  Sunday morning (pre-beer fest):  chest & back 
3.  Monday - squats & abs
4.  Tuesday - Run
5.  Wednesday - OHP & triceps
6.  Thursday - deadlifts & biceps (yeah yeah, I want pretty arms)


carbs peri-workout ONLY.  No lifting = no carbs.  Post-run can have carbs as well.
Surge WOF only for leg days.
No Geraniamo this week.  It has not been having a noticeable effect recently, so I need to cycle off of it.

6 meals per day (Surge is not a meal)
each meal:  30-35gP
carbs:  30-35g
Fats:  15g

Sat/Tues:  210gP + 90gF
Sun/Wed:  200gP + 60gF + 60gC
Mon/Thurs:  200gP + 60gF + 60gC + 64gC (SWOF)

2011-06-25 Check in [189.0 @ 32.75]

Checking in today (Saturday) because this is the Estes Park Scandanavian festival & Ft. Collins Brew Fest weekend.  i.e. - diet will be fucked.

Then again, my diet sucked this past week.  Cracker Barrel, Famous Dave's, and Camachos.  Also my lifting sucked.  Bodybuilding chest Tuesday, run Wednesday, maxes Thursday.  So really, way too much junk food and no exercise.  Is it any wonder my results fucking sucked?

Mass:  189.0 (+3.5)
Waist:  32.75 (+0.25)
Arm:  15.75 (--)
Thigh:  23.5 (--)
Calf:  14.75 (+0.25)

Next week won't be any better.  I am going to do my check in on Friday, as Wendi's dad and my parents will be here all weekend (which means no exercise and a craptacular food intake).

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday - maxes

Oly Squat - 335#
Bench - 245#
Deadlift - 415#
Total:  995#

I had absolutely no drive or energy for my planned 5-star workout (day #2 for that.  Meh).  However, I felt decently strong, so I decided to go for my raw total.  Ok, I cheated and used straps for the deads.  My grip/palms are not up to par.

Olympic squat - high bar, close stance, quad dominant, upright torso.  I am not displeased with this number.  I have squatted vastly more in the past, but that was with a power squat (low bar, wide stance, etc).  I have to travel much further on the oly squat, and it is not nearly as strong of a motion.  Also, aside from some speed squats at 185#, I have not done any back squats for a long time.

Bench - Beat my last max by 20#.  Again, not earth shattering.  My best ever was 275#, right before I trashed my shoulder.  225# went up smoothly.  245# was a grind, but I got it.

Dead - Meh.  I had 415# the last time I tested my maxes a few months ago.  I have had a lot of practice since then, but all at light weights (315#-ish).  I am pretty sure I could have gotten 425, but I was just out of gas by that point.

Note to self:  take more rest between early sets, less near the end.  The rest period before my final deadlift made me dread going back to the bar.  If I had gone again without the rest, I probably would have gotten the 425#.

Overall:  995# total.  Damn it, so close to a grand.  Ah well, gives me something to strive for next time.

Note:  Bodyweight around 185#.  So percentages are:
Bench:  1.33 - ~35# to hit 1.5x (275#)
Squat:  1.8 - ~35# to hit 2.0x (370#)
Dead:  2.25 - ~45# to hit 2.5x (465#)

Those should be possible by the end of the year, especially once I start training with Josh.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Run - 36:26

Two weeks ago (last run):  37:51
Today:  36:26

Last time, I did interval sprints up 17, and then ran/walked the rest.
This time, I did not sprint at all.  My run:walk ratio was 4:1.  Run four poles, walk one.

Not a great improvement, but I shaved 1:25 off of my total time.  My per-mile average went from 9:28 to 9:07.  I am still far off of my 30:00 goal, but I am not doing too badly.

Plan for next time is to increase the run:walk ratio to 5:1.  I might do some sprints as well if I feel up to it.
Ten weeks until D*con.  I wonder if I can get my way down to 30:00 by then.  Hmm...that, plus abs, will make me the most fit I have really ever been.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday - Chest & back

I am very glad I did not attempt squats today.  Absolutely no energy, everything felt incredibly heavy, and the entire session I kept thinking "isn't it over yet?  I have been out here for so very long."

So, yeah, lifting was shite today.  Pretty much everything was a grind.  I dropped a few reps from some of my sets, and generally sucked.

Monday - failure

So, no real exercise today.  No dieting.  This will not go well for my results.  Get to be extra vigorous the rest of the week.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

WORKS: Rough Diet/Exercise Outline

Wanted to make a note of this:

My general diet & exercise routine seems to be working quite well.

Diet - targeted carbs.  I generally restrict my carbs to breakfast and peri-workout.  5-6 meals per day.
Protein:  ~30-40g/meal
Carbs:  ~30-40g/meal (breakfast, pre & post-workout)
Fats:  ~20g/meal (non-carb meals)

For heavy workouts, I have Surge WOF.

Lifting:  CT's 5-star complexes.  Squats & OHP (Mon & Thurs), Bodybuilding chest & back (Tues), Deadlifts (Fri).  I do some form of cardio (running, bike, hiking) on my non-lifting days.

2011-06-19 Check in [185.5 @ 32.25]

Mass:  185.5 (-1.0)
Waist:  32.25 (-0.375)
Arm:  15.75 (-0.125)
Thigh:  23.5 (-0.125)
Calf:  14.5 (-0.25)

Not too bad.  The arm/calf/thigh decreases are not unexpected.

My waist has been decreasing about 1/4" per week for the past four weeks of the diet.  I have lost 1.25" off of my waist and 6.5#.  The mass is not important to me, but the waist is encouraging.

For comparison:
2010-10-10:  186.0# @ 33.0"
2011-01-16:  185.75# @ 32.75" (same on 2011-03-13)

So I am about 1/2" smaller while being roughly the same mass.  I don't know if this will continue, but I can hope.

Anyhow, if I can keep up the approximate 0.25" per week decrease, I should just around 30" by September. Or if I have abs before then, all the better.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday - Deads, sort of

Got through three rounds of deads.  Felt great, flew through them.  Round #4 - picked up the bar for rack pulls, and had to call it.  I had absolutely no strength left.  Not sure why.

However, I still had energy to burn, so I went jogging to find Wendi & Leika.  They were about .75 miles away by the time I caught up to them.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday - Squats & some OHP

Squats went well.  Got through everything, no extreme exhaustion, no missed reps.

OHP - Got through two rotations.  On the third set of pin presses, my elbow went "Oh hell no".  so I stopped.  I'd rather get through everything, but I am not going to get upset over it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday - mid-week weigh in

The weigh-in this morning was odd.  I am up 0.25#, but my waist is down 0.375".  Which is fine by me, I don't actually care about my mass.  Heavier is good, provided my waist keeps going down.  But this, dear (non-existent) reader, is why mid-week weigh-ins are never canon.

This afternoon I am planning on going for a run.  Wednesday = no lifting = cardio time.  However, depending upon work levels, I might just use the bike instead, as it lets me get back to the computer faster.

--So, due to being utterly fragged, I did not exercise at all.  However, this was my final night pulling dual-duty jobs.  So I should be back to normal tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday - Cardio & Chest/back

Did fasted cardio this morning. I had the free time before I had to begin work, and I was having trouble getting myself moving.

This afternoon I will either do 5-star deadlifts or my modified Chest & Back workout.  My chest workout will be along the lines of:
A) DB bench press, wave loading (7/5/3/7/5/3)
B)  Decline bench, 1.5 reps.  3x6-8
C1) Incline DB press.  3x8-10
C2) Incline Flys.  3x10-12
D) v-grip cable rows:  3x10-12
E) pullups - 3x6-8
F) Fat-gripz barbell curls - 3x8-10

I opted for the chest/back workout.  Went pretty well.  Not nearly so energy intensive as 5-star complexes, but felt good.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday - Squats & 1/2 OHP

Squats went ok.  But I only got through half of my OHP.  Forgot my Surge WOF, and the heat just drained my energy.  But not too bad overall.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011-06-12 Check in [186.5 @ 32.625]

Mass:  186.5 (-1.25)
waist:  32.625 (-0.25)
Arm:  15.875 (--)
Thigh:  23.625 (+0.125)
Calf:  14.75 (--)

This is including the fact that yesterday's diet was messed up due to Sheep & Wool.  Breakfast was ok.  Then beef jerky around 11:00, burger & fries around 12:30, more jerky around 3:00, steak + shrimp + rice + sweet potato + rolls around 4:00, protein powder & peanut butter around 8:00.

I am back to exactly where I was on Dec 26, 2010.  Same waist, same mass.  Only difference is that my thigh is up 0.375" and my calf is up 0.25".  Squats & running apparently have helped a bit.   On Oct 10, 2010 I was at 186.0 & 33.0.  So really, not much actual change over the past 6-8 months.  Ah well.  This time I will get lean and then actually improve my physique, rather than just regressing.

I am currently 8.0# and 1.375" away from my leanest.  At my current rate, that will take around another 6 weeks to achieve.  And if I can keep up this rate, I should hopefully be fully lean by the end of August, which is my goal.  Ten weeks, about 2.5 inches off of my waist, probably will drop me to around 172#.  Granted, I would rather get there early so I can play with things a bit to peak for D*con, but what will be will be.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday - Chest

Summation of the HSS-100 workout:

1.  My anterior delts were screaming from the start.
2.  I really like the wave loading DB bench press (7,5,3,7,5,3)
3.  Decline bench is awesome for me.  Especially the 1.5 rep style
4.  DB press + band sucks.

I am going to try the next week as follows
Mon - Squats & OHP 5-star
Tues - Dead 5-star
Thurs - Squat & OHP 5-star
Fri - HSS-100 chest

Friday squats & OHP failure

Got through squats, no problem.  Did one cycle of OHP and called it for the day.

Due to work stuff, I was two hours late in working out.  Which meant it had been nearly three hours since I had last eaten.  Energy was just gone.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday - LISS

I attempted to lift today.  It did not work out.  The weather shift combined with the side job dragged me out.  I went through one squat circuit, and I just felt off.  Joints aching, no energy/focus, etc.  Instead, I did 30 minutes on the bike.  I will lift tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday - Run: 37:51

Went around the block.  Interval sprints up 17, walk/jog on 76, run/walk down 15 & 74.

Time:  37:51
Average/mile:  9:28

My eventual goal is 30:00 for the entire course, which would be 7:30/mile.  Not a great pace, but acceptable.  Especially as running is not my preferred mode of exercise.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Chest workouts
CT stated that 5-star chest workouts don't work for some people.  I seem to be one of those.  I did have a lot of pec soreness my first week or so on 5-star, but that is probably because I had not benched in years.
Due to the fact that I can barely make it through the bench workouts, I am going to transition my training to the following:
Day 1:  5-star Squats & OHP
Day 2:  5-star Deadlift
Day 3:  Chest A & back
Day 4:  off (no lifting, running/cardio)
Day 4:  5-star Squats & OHP
Day 5:  Chest B & back
Day 6:  off
Day 7:  off

Yes, I will only be hitting deads once per week.  But the dual squat & back workouts should make up for it.  I am still performing OHP before chest, as it fits well with the squats.  And the squat workout is the most energetic cycle I have.

On off days I will perform at least some cardio.  Bike, running, etc.

Chest workouts will be based on HSS-100, which I have had great success with before

Chest A
A. DB Press - 7/5/3/7/5/3 - Rest 90s
At top, squeeze pecs
B1. Decline Bench - 3x6-8 - Rest 0
Double contraction
B2. Double-postion Band Fly - 3x8-10 - Rest 90
8-10 high position (face), then 8-10 low position (groin)
C. DB Band Press - 3x10-12 - Rest 60
D. Band punch - 100 reps

Back A - hold top position on all rows
A. Seated rows - 5x10-12
B. 1-hand rows - 2x12-15
C. Zottman curls - 4x10-12
Chest B
A. Bench Press - 5x5-max-max - Rest 120
Rest-pause.  5 reps, pause, max reps, pause, max reps
B1. Incline DB - 3x8-10 - Rest 0
double contraction
B2. Incline fly - 3x10-12 - rest 90
squeeze at top
C. Incline press to fly - 3x10-12 - rest 60
5 second eccentric
D. Incline DB press - 100 reps

Back B
A. Pullups - 50 reps
As many sets as needed, always stop before failure
B. Cable pullovers - 3x10-12
C. EZ Curls - 3x6-8

BioTest's Mag10 seems really nifty, but expensive.  Via TrueProtein, I can make a custom mix of Casein Hydrolysate, Citruline Malate, and L-Leucine.  For about 1/2 the price of Mag10.

Tuesday - Bench & back

Got through four cycles of benching, barely.  After each cycle, I did chinups & hammer curls.  My downfall for benching cam from my anterior delts and triceps.  They failed pretty quickly.  Not surprising, due to my overhead work.  The chins & curls helped keep my forearms and biceps pumped, which made the speed benching safer (gave a better buffer on the way down).

Once I get to an acceptable degree of bodyfat, I am going to transition to more of a chest-centric routine for a while.  Probably HSS-100 or something similar.  It worked quite well in the past for me.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday - deads & stuff

Made it through all five cycles of deadlifts.  Overall, not bad.  The rack pulls sucked a bit, but everything else went quite well.  The worst part is that my delts were so fried from yesterday that they were screaming the entire workout.  Thus, I have put off benching until tomorrow.

Sunday - Squats, OHP, Fighter practice

So, I was stupid.

I did my Squats & OHP workout.  Went very well.  Increased my weights slightly (based upon my notes from my last workout), dropped back to three reps for the primary exercises (lockouts & full range lifts), and went up to five circuits per movement pattern.  The only thing I went "down" in was my speed DB OH press.  I dropped to 20# from 25#, because the 25# was too much for pure speed.

I made every rep at the desired weight, was dripping sweat at the end.  So, the workout went very well.  Took a while, but that is fine.

The stupid part was that I finished my lifting around 14:00.  SCA fighter practice begins at 15:00.  Got down there around 16:00.  I could barely move my arms, and I had no endurance at all.  I sucked majorly.  Hopefully I will improve dramatically over the coming weeks.  Must remember:  no lifting before fighting.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

2011-06-05 Check in [187.75 @ 32.875]

Mass:  187.75 (-1.0)
Waist:  32.875 (-0.375)
Arm:  15.875 (--)
Thigh:  23.5 (-0.25)
Calf:  14.75 (+0.25)

I am finally back under 33".  Hooray.  I am still 1.5" & 10.25# from my leanest, which was at the beginning of November.  And I probably have to get at least 1-2" below that to be fully lean.  So, looks like I have my work cut out for me.

The calf increase is not surprising.  Running is hell on my calves, and I went around the block twice this past week.  Note:  "around the block" is a four mile trek.

For running progression, I am not too concerned with my time, more with my endurance.  I am planning on running at least once a week, hopefully twice.  Each time I run, my goal is to increase my run to walk ratio.  Going by power line poles, I was at roughly 2:1 my first run and 3:1 the second time.  I did not have a constant ratio, and my stride/speed changed at times.  But I am aiming for adding another segment to each run.  So go to 4:1, 5:1, etc., until I can do at least three miles non-stop.

Randomly, I hit my stride best after about two miles.  So mile number 3 is the easiest for me.  Number four is not horrible, I just get tired by then.

Lifting-wise, starting up again today.  Back to 5-Star, with higher weights, five cycles, and starting at three reps.  This should take me up until parents start arriving, which would give me a deload week while they are around.  Works out pretty well that way.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday - still no lifting

This was supposed to be a deload week.  It has turned into a weight-free week.  Meh.  Instead, I have been doing cardio (bike & running) and some pullups/pushups/etc.

@13:30 - Ran around the block again.  I am trying to increase my run to walk ratio.  Today I mostly was aiming for a 3:1 proportion.  Based on the power line poles, which are mostly equidistant.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday - lazy

Due to starting the new HP contract & the side gig today, I did not work out as much as I had hoped.  Instead, I just did 30 minutes on the bike and 100 pushups (25 before bike, and then 25 every ten minutes).  Meh.  Lazy.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday - sore

Day after running - feel like hammered hell.  A large part is due to getting repeatedly struck in the head by Kai.  Kind of feels like the after-effects of a long night of headbanging.  Whiplash/flu-like symptoms.  The running has caused my abs & legs to be very sore, and overall I feel rather beaten down.

I must remember that I suck at running, and that it causes me more soreness than lifting.