Sunday, September 25, 2011

2011-09-25 Check In [197.25 @ 34.0]

Mass: 197.25 (+5.0)
Waist: 34.0 (+0.5)
Arm: 16.125 (+0.125)
Thigh: 24.375 (+0.375)
Calf: 14.875 (--)

My increased waist & mass are not surprising. I have been unable to exercise properly due to my wrist. And I always find it hard to be focused on my diet when my workouts are crap. This coming week I am planning on being much more rigorous.

Diet [note: fats are approximate]
Base - 250gP + 200gC + 50gF = 2250 cal
Peri-workout: 50P + 110gC
Workout days total: 300gP + 310gC + 50gF = 2900 cal

Pre/Intra workout - 2 scoops Mag10, 2 scoops SWOF, 1 scoop Anaconda
Post workout - 2 scoops Surge Recovery (I feel better when I have it)

I have found what I can do without pain, so I will be following the below routine (at least for the next two weeks). Sadly, I cannot continue CT's plan (stupid wrist):

High Frequency Strength (daily)
A. DB Bench Press - 3x4
B. Wide-stance Squat - 3x4
C. Seated DB OHP - 3x4
Still following CT's HFSW guidelines. Same weight/reps all week. Every week, add ~10# to the lift.

Ramping work. Work up to a max set of 8, then do 2-3 extended (rest-pause) sets.
Non-ramping work - add a set each week

A. Ramping - DB Bench Press
B. Superset - Squeeze Press 5x10 / wide grip bench 5x10 [add a set each week]
C. Other work - depends upon my wrist. Flys, dips, etc

A. Ramping - leg press
B. Superset - short-step lunges 5x10 / dead-stop hack squats 5x10
C. Superset - Leg extensions 5x10 / bodyweight squats 5xMaxReps

A. Ramping - seated DD-grip row
B. Superset - Straight-arm pulldown 5x10 / low pulley rope row 5x10
C. Straight sets - Supinated pull downs - 5xMaxReps (if my wrist can take it)

A. Ramping - High-incline DB Press
B. Straight sets - 1-hand DB OHP 5x10 [full set, switch arms, rest]
C. Other work - depends upon my wrist. Lateral raises, front raises, etc

A. Ramping - Hamstring curl
B. Superset - Long-step lunges 5x10 / Band good mornings 5xMaxReps
C. Straight Sets - Bulgarian squats 5x10 [not a hamstring movement, but at least something]

Sunday, September 18, 2011

2011-09-18 Check in [192.25 @ 33.5] + Beard start

Mass:  192.25 (-2.0)
waist:  33.5 (+0.25)
arm: 16.0 (--)
thigh:  24.0 (-0.125)
calf:  14.875 (+0.125)

The mass and waist changes, while upsetting, are not surprising.  Between DragonCon and hurting my wrist, I really have not been able to lift in nearly three weeks.  I was doing lots of quad work (leg press, hack squats, lunges, leg extensions, bodyweight squats, pistols, jumps) and conditioning, but the volume (combined with weather shifts) made my knees hurt to the point where I could barely walk.

My wrist is not yet back to normal, but hopefully it will be good enough to start lifting again tomorrow.  my plan is to slightly change my routine.  I will be continuing the hypertrophy program that CT gave me originally, but I will be changing the order a bit.

I am planning on 6 days per week, depending upon my energy levels
Monday - Friday I will do my base workouts.  If I have the time, I will also do the listed spec workout

Monday - Chest base, chest spec
Tuesday - Quads base, quad spec
Wednesday - Back base, back width spec
Thursday - Shoulders base
Friday - Posterior base, back thickness spec
Saturday - shoulder spec (as main), arms Spec
Sunday - Conditioning

Conditioning will either be interval sprints on the exercise bike or running.  Done when I have time (if I cannot do a spec workout, then conditioning will be done on those days)

Unrelated to lifting, I am going to be growing my beard out for a while.  Unlike last time, I have a plan.
1.  keep goatee & sides trimmed, but let my cheeks grow out.
2.  Once cheeks & sides are the same length, let them grow.  Keep goatee trimmed until cheek & sides catch up
3.  I will keep the center of my mustache and my neck trimmed.  Mustache - so I can eat.  Neck - because it itches and I don't like it growing

Sunday, September 11, 2011

2011-09-11 Check in [194.25@33.25]

2011-09-11  Check in

Mass:  194.25 (+3.5)
Waist:  33.25 (+0.125)
arm:  16.0 (--)
thigh:  24.125 (+0.125)
calf:  14.75 (--)

These measurements are in comparison to two weeks ago.  In the intervening time, I have been on vacation where dieting & exercise was really not possible.  Yes, yes, I could have made time and packed food.  But Labor Day weekend is the one time a year when I completely relax and just have fun.  Also, while gone I only had a single 6-capsule dose of Indigo a day.

When I got back, I resumed my lifting schedule.  Which was promptly derailed by screwing my wrist up when re-racking the bar after overhead pressing.  *sigh*  So I got through my chest workout and I came up with a quad workout yesterday.  But that is all I have done.  Hopefully I will be able to lift again in a few days.

So for two weeks, I have not exercised, followed a proper diet, or otherwise done anything right aside from taking Indigo.  Therefore, I am far from displeased with my results.  So if I can resume working out and dieting correctly, I should have really good results.