Sunday, May 27, 2012

2012-05-27 Check in [208.8 @ 36.0]

Mass:  208.8 (-0.3)
Waist:  36.0 (-0.125)
Arm:  16.5 (+0.125)
Thigh:  24.875 (-0.125)
Calf:  15.125 (--)

Not great results, but stability is better than regression.  Hopefully I'll be able to start running again this week, along with doing a leg work out.  That should kick start me into fat loss reduction.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

2012-05-20 Check in [208.8 @ 36.125]

Mass:  208.8 (-5.6)
Wasit:  36.125 (-0.375)
Arm:   16.375 (--)
Thigh:  25.0 (--)
Calf:  15.125 (-0.125)

Well, I wiped away most of the damage from the past couple of weeks.  Yay!

Also, I hurt my hamstring again on Wednesday, due to tripping over a Pomeranian while I was out running.  So I only got in a few cardio sessions (I think 2?), and no leg workout this week.  And when I hurt my leg, I had pizza for the injury-based overfeed.  So overall, I am not unhappy with my results.

Goals for this summer:
Goal #1 - be as lean as I was last year at con. 33.125" waist (3.0" smaller than now) I am not concerned with the mass aspect.  I would honestly like to be heavier, provided my waist is small.
Goal #2 - beat my previous post-Shelby record for being lean.  31.375" (4.75" smaller than now).  Although if abs start to show before I get that thin, then yay.  Abs are the ultimate goal
Final Goal - visible abs (preferably Chris Hemsworth-esque).  No idea what it will take to get that.

As of today, I have 14 weeks until D*Con week (those last few days I doubt will matter much).  
In order to hit Goal #1, I need to lose about 0.25" per week on average.  Goal #2: 0.375" per week.  Both of those rates would give me a couple weeks of wiggle room.  Which I will need in mid-June for Colorado trip damage control.

Monday, May 14, 2012

2012-05-14 Check in [214.4 @ 36.5]

Mass: 214.4 (+4.9)
Waist:  36.5 (+0.375)
Arm:  16.375 (+0.125)
Thigh:  25.0 (--)
Calf:  15.25 (+0.125)

Not surprising, after the last week & weekend of food-like indulgences.  Now to buckle down for the next 14 weeks.  My hope is to stick to my diet & workout schedule hard-core for the next 6 weeks.  Take a short break/cheat while in CO again.  Then be hard-core again until Con.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

2012-05-06 Check in [209.5 @ 36.125]

Mass:  209.5 (+0.7)
Waist:  36.125 (+0.125)
Arm:  16.25 (--)
Thigh:  25.0 (--)
Calf:  15.125 (+0.125)

Not happy, but not surprised.  I was doing well up until Thursday evening, then I ate out several times and skimped on workouts.  This coming week I will do as much damage control as I can before heading to CO.  Once I come back, I am planning on joining the gym at SAIC headquarters.  Hopefully that will get my workouts in line.  And it should help me keep my diet on track (breakfast at the house, 3 meals at the office, post-workout at the house).