Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday - mid-reps & PLP 14

@09:00 - PLP went well.  I did 7 pullups, then 7 neutral grips (shoulders were being cranky).  At about 7:45.  Eating another P+C meal now, as I am starving.

@10:45 - today's schedule is looking to be something like
7:30 - P+C
9:00 - P+C
11:00 - P+C
11:30ish - lift
12:30ish - Surge
1:30 - P+C
2:30 - ?? Kung Fu & errands
  during time out - protein bar
7:00ish? - P+F
9:00 - P+F
possibly auxiliary meal if needbe

@12:45 - just exercised.  Energy levels were poor.
I only did two sets of front squats & 1-hand rows, and 1 set of floor press & high pull.  Just no drive today.

@15:15 - about 45 minutes ago, i had a double-size meal (3 turkey burgers, 2 meat balls, 175g rice, 1/2 jar peaches).  I seemed to have needed it.  I no longer feel woozy

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday - Off & PLP 13

This morning I was down 2# and 0.125" off my waist.  Somewhat unexpected, but not too shocking.  The 4# gain I noticed on Sunday seemed a bit aberrant.  However, the waist drop is somewhat unusual.  It might just be water loss, as I have finally started my "normal" constant water shedding thing.  Or it might be that PLP + TBT = fat loss.  Which would not be a bad thing.

Today is an off day otherwise.  I might do some cardio, or perhaps outdoor work (depending upon weather).

@13:30 - already had three meals (one P+C, two P+F).  Starving currently.  *wry grin*  If the TBT workouts kick me up this much, I'll have to use them again when I start leaning out.

So, do TBT for the next 6 weeks or so (until S&W), then go back to a split routine (5/3/1 or HSS-100) until Vegas (about 8 weeks).  Then come back to the TBT for July & August (about 8 weeks).

Diet:  continue as planned - increase weekly through April, and possibly May.  Start lowering in June.  So diet and workout styles will not be perfectly in sync.

@18:00 - kind of crashy/nauseous.  Has happened a couple of times today.  Carbs for next meal.  Then fats.  Perhaps an extra (8th) one if needbe.

@22:30 - swapped meal #6 (protein + fat) for a protein & carb meal.  No crashing, so I am calling it a successful experiment.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday - 12-15, PLP 12

@08:00 - feeling pretty good so far.  Woke up (courtesy of Kitty Alarm Clock), did my PLP, nomming stuff currently.

The PLP went quite well.  Twelve reps, not hard at all.  Which make me happy.  Doing a dozen pullups without issue is nice.  The only trouble was that I had just put lotion on, so my grip sucked (finger hanging, rather than crush grip).

No horrid soreness from the lifting yet.  We'll see how I feel as the day goes on.  I will need to remember to stretch during the day, as I am a bit stiff.

@19:30 - the lifting went quite well.  I had weights dialed in pretty well from the get-go.  I swapped the rack pulls for DB curls, after realizing that high rep rack pulls won't do much good at this stage.  The leg press I did with the monster mini (white) bands doubled up.  The hamstring curls made my biceps femoris kind of crampy, but that is all for the best.

Not much of a crash so far today.  I might just stick with my prescribed number of meals, as opposed to yesterday when I tossed in an extra one.

@22:30 - kind of crashed.  Sleep time

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday - 4-6 & PLP: 11 reps

@07:30 - Today starts my new full-body lifting routine.  On deck for today is the 3x4-6 day

Did my PLP already.  11 reps each.  Not too bad.  Surprising how quickly my pulse and respiration go up.
When I start hitting 30+ reps it will become "interesting".  Thought for when I get about 14/15 (or whatever my 1RM for pullups is):  start with palms out (pullups).  Just short of failure, switch to neutral trip.  Just short of failure, switch to palms in (chinups).  Just short of failure, stop the set, do the same number of lunges & pushups, then resume.  So basically do mechanical advantage drop sets for pulls.

@17:45 - Workout complete.  Made it through, shoulders did not bug me too much, weights used were acceptable.  Alternating between squats & romanians is a bit of a pain.  Move sabers, unload bar, move bar, move hooks, place bar, reload bar, lift.  But it gives me forced time between sets.

Overall, the routine went pretty well.  No muscle group/motion was overloaded, I don't feel particularly dead/hammered anywhere in specific, so I count it as a win.  Eighteen heavy-ish sets, and I don't feel beaten down at all.  My triceps are a bit tired/sore, but that is all.

@19:00 - had an extra meal (#7, P+C, surge made 8), as I was crashing out.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday - NEW PLAN

Due to my muscle/shoulder issues, I am not going to continue 5/3/1 for the time being.  I am going to switch to a slightly less brutal regimen.  Perhaps something like HSS-100, which did well for me before.  Or a full-body routine, with emphasis on certain body parts each day.  Not sure yet.

However, I am starting Waterbury's PLP today.  Starting off with 10 reps.  We'll see how I do on it.
Right-o.  Figured out my new routine.  PLP in the morning.  Lifting:  Four days, total body.  One day will be speed work.

DAY 1:  3x4-6 (12-18 reps/exercise)
A) Squat
C) D-grip row
D) decline bench
E) chinup
F) push press

DAY 2:  2x12-15 (24-30 reps/exercise)
A) Military press
B) Bent over row
C) leg press
D) hamstring curl
E) DB bench
F) alternating DB curls (palms up for 1, hammer for 1, repeat)

DAY 3:  3x8-10 (24-30 reps/exercise)
A) Deadlift
B) incline db press
C) front squat
D) 1-hand row
E) floor press
F) high pull

DAY 4:  Speed - Cycle (start at 10 reps)
A) 2-hand db swing
B) DB clean & press
C) renegade row
D) trap-bar farmers walk
E) box jump

On lifting days:  week 1 = alternate (a/b, c/d, e/f).  Week 2 = straight sets.  week 3 = alternate.  etc
speed day:  keep the weight the same, add one rep each week (walks add distance)

2011-03-27 Sunday Check in [188.75@32.75]

Weight:  188.75 (+4.0)
Waist:  32.75 (no change)
Arm: 15.75 (no change)
Thigh:  23.5 (no change)
Calf:  14.5 (+0.125)

really didn't stick to the plan at all.  Went out to eat several times, did not eat consistently, was hungry a lot, crashed a couple of times.  Going to try to stick to the plan more this week.

A bit.  Nothing constant.  Did a jog/walk around the block yesterday, which kicked my ass.

5/3/1 cycle 2, week 2


The hollows of my shoulders (where collarbone and delt meet) have been extremely angry this week.  Anything that causes strain there (pulls, flyes, heavy presses, etc) hurts.  So my training has sucked.  Squat day went fine, as my arms are not used.  But my other days (military press, deadlift, DB bench) all sucked.  Military day I got my main exercise done, and called it.  Dead day I got through my first two sets, and then did a bunch of lightweight leg presses.  Bench day I warmed up very slowly (started @20#, added 10# per set), and got through two reps @90#, and had to call it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday - deads & kung fu

Hopefully my shoulder will deal with my deadlifts today.  If not, I will do legs.
This afternoon will be my first KungFu lesson.

So I need to eat, lift, and then head to the dojo (or whatever it is called in Chinese)

So, deadlifts did not go so well.  Warmed up, got through my first two sets (275#, 315#), and my collarbone started aching.  Thus, I skipped my third set (damn it).
I did several sets of leg press with different foot positions, and I even did a set with mini-bands.  Nothing massive, nothing heavy, more for practice and lower quad burn.
I hope my injury hurries up and heals soon.  This is getting annoying.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday - OH press

@08:00 - did fasted SS cardio this morning.  I think it helped, as my hips & back made lots of ratcheting noises afterwards, when I finally was loose enough to stretch.

Today will be OH press workout, done at home if the weather cooperates.

Thoughts for the future:
1.  do calf & bicep programs simultaneously in my April cycle
2.  do PLP starting in May cycle.  See how that goes with recovery, growth, and fat loss.

@14:30 - kind of queasy from hunger.  Next meal is scheduled for 15:00, so I can last until then.
Lifting might occur at the gym after all, due to excessive wind.  I'll see what the home-gym is like in a bit.

@17:15 - Lifted at home, as it is warm enough (just windy).
Made it through my OH press without issue.  However, I had to cut the remainder of the workout.  On my first set of lateral raises, the muscle I hurt while deadlifiting on Friday yelled at me.  Ah well.  Thus is the nice point about 5/3/1.  Do the main stuff, and dump the rest if it is not working that day.

Hopefully I'll be up to doing deads & back on Thursday.  If not, lots of other leg work

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday - Squats

@09:00 - No cardio this morning.  My new idea is to avoid morning cardio on squat/deadlift days.

Starting the new schedule of squat-military, deads-bench today

Workout went pretty well.  Couldn't do Romanians, due to the lingering strain from Friday.  Instead, I did some front squats after my GHRs.  Yeah, I need to keep doing that.  My weakpoint in squats is now my quads, so I need to focus on them more.  Did some chins to finish up.  Pulled fast enough that I kept hitting my chest with the bar.  Explosive strength FTW!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday - weekend review

No formalize workouts this weekend.  Saturday hiked for about three miles, Sunday went about five.  Happily sore feet.

My shoulder/chest feels fine, so squatting tomorrow should not pose a problem at all.

2011-03-20 Sunday Check in [184.75@32.75]

Weight:  184.75 (-1.0)
Waist:  32.75 (no change)
Arm: 15.75 (no change)
Thigh:  23.25 (no change)
Calf:  14.375 (no change)

Just finished week 1 of my plan.  I have now skipped ahead to week 3, due to notes below

A bit.  Nothing constant.

5/3/1 cycle 2, week 1 complete


Monday (shoulders) - kicked my ass
Tuesday (legs) - so brutal that I had to have Wendi pick me up from the gym
Thursday (chest) - still store three days later
Friday (deads/back) - Had WAY to much drive.  Ripped through my deads so fast that I hurt myself (pulled upper pec-delt tie in on the left side)

training - Didn't really do much ab work this week.  On Friday, I had to stop after my deadlifts, due to hurting myself.  On the upside, I got nine reps at 335#, and had the energy for at least several more.  

Food - really not good at following my plan.  Youngs on Sunday, Perkins on Tuesday (post-leg death), Camachos on Friday (post-deadlift injury).  Plus I was not as rigorous with the rest of my meals as I should have been.

I was starving almost all week, especially the day after legs.  Due to my hunger levels and the fact that I lost a pound even with all of the crap I ate, I am skipping ahead a week diet-wise.  

Workouts, I am going to be switching my days around.  I was doing Shoulder-Legs, Chest-Deads.  I will now be doing Legs-Shoulders,Deads-Back.  Do my harder workouts when rested.  Which also means I will not have a Low-Carb day the day after legs.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday - off/recovery

So, my arm/chest is much better than last night.  However, it is not healed enough to permit me to lift.  Instead I will take the day off, stretch, and possibly do some bike-cardio later on.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday - Deads/Back

@10:00 - Consumed pizza & long food yesterday (ie - not on diet plan).  Consumed long food this morning.  we shall see how it affects my weigh-in on Sunday.

@14:00 - Did SS this morning, and went for a 2 mile walk/jog (not much jogging) around 10:30.  Hungry today, but nothing horrible.  One more meal and then lifting time.

@17:30 - blasted through deads.  On my final set I got 9 reps @ 335#, and had the energy/strength for at least a few more reps.  On rep #8 I pulled the pec-delt tie-in on my left side.  Just below my collarbone.  I am now in intense pain and cannot use my left arm.  fuck.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday - chest

@08:00 - no cardio this morning.  Still too sore for the bike, and the wind/temperature ensures that I am not going outside yet.

@15:30 - Lifted early today, as I did not feel like working/job hunting anymore.

Diet changes - had a large Arby's roast-beef sandwich pre-workout, had 1/2 of my surge post-workout, and a long-food post-post-workout.  Splitting the surge up seems to have worked quite well.

I forgot to take my geronimo or second dose of supplements pre-workout (will be taking the supps in a few minutes).  I made it through the lifting, but my rest periods were longer than usual.  Not as full of go-juice.

Lifts went decently.  Nothing record-setting, but that is not surprising.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday - off day

@08:00 - Kind of dragging this morning.  Not surprising after last night.  No cardio so far, although I will probably do it later today.  Just tired & worn out currently.

@21:30 - sore as all hell.  Kind of crashed.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday - Squat day

@09:00 - Woke up rather hungry.  Made it through morning cardio and a shower, scarfed food.
Still kind of dragged out from yesterday.  The workouts really drained me.  Ah well, this is why I am slowly ramping my calories up.  Although I might need to adjust them up faster depending upon my results.  If my waist drops to 32" or below rapidly, I will bump my intake up faster to compensate.  I want to keep my waist below 33", but if I keep dropping over the next several weeks, that is not right.  The goal is to get my intake as high as possible by June while keeping my waist below 33".

Went for a walk/slow jog this afternoon.
Lifting went decently.  I wound up coaching a guy in squat & deadlifts, and overdoing my lifts a bit.  By the time I was finished, I could not walk correctly or drive.  Wendi came to pick me up, and we went to Perkins for dinner.  Yeah, killed my diet.  But better the diet than me.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday - starting new diet

Yesterday I was not able to being my new diet, due to the photoshoot.  So therefore, I begin today.

Nothing drastic, just slowly adding calories and going to a very basic carb-cycling routine.  Things will get more complex as I start to get closer to the upper end of my maintenance levels.

I also am beginning my second cycle of 5/3/1 today.  The addition of Surge Recovery during/after the workout should help my lifts and endurance.

@19:00 - The workout went fairly well.  I blasted through my military press.  My assistance work was ok.  Nothing record breaking, but I at least matched my last session.

I had a serving of Surge Recovery during the workout.  Did not help with muscle failure, but seemed to keep me from getting overly dead afterwards.

@21:00 - Ravenous.  I have been really hungry the past couple of days, and today is no exception.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011-03-13 Sunday Check in [185.75@32.75]

Weight:  185.75 (+5.5)
Waist:  32.75 (+0.75)
Arm: 15.75 (-0.125)
Thigh:  23.25 (+0.25)
Calf:  14.375 (no change)

For the past three days:  6 meals.  two of 30gP+30gC, four of 30gP+10gF

pre-breakfast SS.  Sprints in the evening

Not really any training.

not training.  

I was in DC on a business trip from last Thursday until Wednesday evening.  My diet and exercise routine therefore sucked.  
I was at 194# @ 33.5" as of Thursday morning.  So in the past three days I have dropped 8.25# and 0.75" off of my waist.  I am still up an appreciable amount from two weeks ago, but it is much better than it was.
Diet:  Start my slow ramp-up.  So, not much above what I have been consuming the past few days.  Main change is starting very basic carb cycling.  Lifting days = high, off days = low.

Cardio:  Fasted steady-state most days.  Today/Sunday we have a photoshoot, so I am skipping the cardio

Training:  Beginning 5/3/1 cycle #2.  Only change is that I am adding in one more assistance exercise per day

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday - Still fat

weight:  186.5 : -4.0 from Friday, -7.5 from Thursday
waist:  33.0 : -0.25 from Friday, -0.5 from Thursday

Still have 6# and 1" to lose.

@08:00 - SS Cardio.  9.1 miles, 250 calories @ level 8.
Too worn out to go harder this morning.
Still, not too shabby for my weigh-in.  Hopefully I'll drop another couple of pounds and 1/4"+ off my waist by tomorrow.
The first week or two of my diet should knock be back down to where I want to be.

@10:30 - walked to the road, then jogged/walked back.  Total jogging ~0.5 miles.  Just have to get to at least six times that by late July *grin*.

@20:30 - Evening sprints were a no-go.  I got ten minutes into the session (five minutes warmup, five minutes sprint) and I had to stop.  My energy levels were fine, but my legs were screaming.  Ah well, I'll be as lean tomorrow as I will be.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday fatness

Difference from yesterday:
Weight:  190.5 (-3.5)
waist:  33.25 (-0.25)

Still have 10# and 1.25" to lose.

@16:00 - hungry, but not horrid.  Second day in a row where I have had protein shakes for my first two meals.
Diet today:  same as yesterday (180gP,60gC, 40gF)

Workout today
Steady state Cardio:  9.7 miles, 304 calories @ level 9

Sprints:  10.9 miles, 420 calories @ level 9 (new PR)

A1) 2-hand DB swing @ 35# x 20
A2) Pushup with twist x 10
rest < 60 seconds

Five cycles (100 swings, 50 pushups)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Post-DC Trip fatness

So, as of this morning after a week in DC, I am fat.  I barely was able to exercise, and my food intake sucked (both frequency and composition).  I was up 14# and 1.5" on my waist this morning (33.5" @ 194#).  Over the next three days I will be weighing/measuring each morning to see how quickly the bloat goes away.

Workout-wise:  I will be restarting 5/3/1 on Monday.  Over the next few days I will be doing dual-duty cardio (SS in morning, sprints in evening), combined with metabolic lifting circuits.

Diet-wise:  Until Sunday, I am going with something very similar to what I was doing before leaving (6 meals, four of 30gP+10gF, and two of 30gP+30gC).  Starting Sunday, I will begin my slow weekly ramp up.

@21:45 - write up for today:
pre-breakfast (07:00) steady state @ level 8
early evening (18:00) interval sprints @ level 9 [10.7 miles, 415 calories], followed by some dumbbell clean & press

diet:  on track with the plan

only did a single shot.  I forgot my early afternoon dose.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday - packing

@08:00 - no lifting today.  Perhaps cardio at some point.  Mostly I need to pack for my flight tomorrow.

This morning's weigh-in wasn't bad.  Up about 0.5#, waist the same.  My hope is that my trip to DC will not cause too much of a waist gain.  I will need to be very intelligent/restrained with my food choices (infer pouting), and ensure that I exercise every morning.  I won't be lifting heavy (no equipment and it is a deload week anyways).  Just cardio of various sorts (bike, elliptical, etc) and metabolic circuits.

@12:30 - not doing too bad so far today.  Although I have relearned that my ability to control my temper is considerably lowered when I am not in full-out diet mode.  Even though I am consuming more food now than I was a few weeks ago, I walk a finer line.  Mostly because my body is not fully acclimated anymore.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday - Deads & Back

@13:00 - This afternoon is deadlift & back day.  I really hope I perk up before then.  So far, I am not in a good mood/energetic.


@16:00 - Well, I am decidedly better than I was three hours ago.  New supplements came in.  Took a dose.  Between that and more foodings I am much more lively.

Turns out that by 13:00 I had only had two meals.  I have since made up for that.

@19:00 - Workout went pretty well.  5/3/1 deadlift day.  I hit six reps on my 1+ set.  I used my belt, just to be on the safe side as my back has been kind of twingy recently.  Pull downs went well.  1-hand rows I wound up needing to use straps on, because my palms were getting too torn up.  Biceps, as usual, fatigued very quickly.  Actually, my biceps were the cause of failure on my pulldowns as well.  I actually truly failed on my final set of leg lifts.  Abs stopped working.  First time that has ever happened.